The Crowdfunding Manifesto

Yes, it’s now a verb, a single word, and there’s a manifesto you should know about:

1. Your Friends Are Your Capital

Your social network friends and contacts can help you to raise capital.

2. Your Friends Make Your Dreams Come True

Any of your contacts can make a contribution, no matter how small.
Together they will help in achieving your every wish, project, and dream.

3. Your Capital Depends on the Number of Friends

Many contributions can build big capital.
The more contacts you have, the greater your chances of reaching the amount you need.

4. Your Capital Depends on Trust

Contribution doesn’t happen automatically. Even if you contact a large number of people,
you must still gain their trust, especially if you don’t know them personally.

5. Your Capital Grows by Word Of Mouth

Your friends can contribute by giving money, but also by spreading the word.
This will help your social network grow, and increase the probability of reaching your goal.

by Alberto Falossi, February 2010
From:, September 30, 2015.
The Crowdfunding Manifesto

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